PIERS 2016 in Shanghai
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2016 in Shanghai, China, 8 August - 11 September, 2016

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Sponsorship, PIERS2016 in Shanghai

PIERS 2016 in Shanghai Organizers & Sponsors

  • Tongji University
  • Department of Electronic Science and Technology, Tongji University
  • Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  • Shanghai Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects for Aerospace Vehicle
  • Science and Technology on Electromagnetic Scattering Laboratory
  • Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
  • Office of Naval Research Global
  • Development & Research Academy for Global Optical Neo-technology (DRAGON)
  • College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University
  • JORCEP (Sino-Swedish Joint Research Center of Photonics)
  • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society
  • The Electromagnetics Academy at Zhejiang University
  • The Electromagnetics Academy

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