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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS  Proceedings [ISSN 1559-9450]

PIERS Proceedings is published by The Electromagnetics Academy and only include peer-reviewed full papers accepted by Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium. Recent PIERS Proceedings are availabe online now.

  • PIERS2007 in Beijing proceedings will be available here in March, 2007.
  • PIERS2006 in Tokyo Full paper proceedings
    [PDF 2006-08-02 27Mb] [PDF 2006-08-03 19Mb] [PDF 2006-08-04 15Mb] [PDF 2006-08-05 31Mb]
  • PIERS2006 in Cambridge Full paper proceedings
    [ISBN: 1-933077-08-5] [PDF 25.4Mb]
  • PIERS2005 in Hangzhou Full paper Proceedings
    [ISBN: 1-933077-07-7] [PDF 39.7Mb]

Other Recent PIERS Publications

  • PIERS2007 in Beijing Program will be available here....
  • PIERS2006 in Tokyo Abstracts proceedings
    [ISBN: 1-933077-10-7] [PDF 17Mb]
  • PIERS2006 in Tokyo Program [PDF]
  • PIERS2006 in Cambridge Abstracts proceedings
    [ISBN: 1-933077-09-3] [PDF 11.3Mb]
  • PIERS2006 in Cambridge Program [PDF]
  • PIERS2005 in Hangzhou Abstracts Proceedings
    [ISBN: 1-933077-06-9][PDF 8.4Mb]
  • PIERS2005 in Hangzhou Program [PDF]

Additional On-line Publications:

PIERS2006 in Cambridge Proceedings is indexed to ISTP/ISI Proceedings, ISTP CDROM version/ISI Proceedings, and Current Contents Proceedings-Engineering & Physical Sciences (October 26, 2006)

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