PIERS 2019 in Xiamen
PhotonIc & Electromagnetics Research Symposium
also: Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium
17-20 December 2019
Xiamen, China
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PIERS On-Line Submission for Extended Papers

This page is for those, who have already submitted the one page abstract.

The page limit of full-length paper is 10 pages. The overlength page charge will be USD 50 per page.

Please be aware that PIERS Symposia/Conference publications should not be published verbatim in other journals without more than 50% change of the content of the paper.

1. Key of the abstract:
2. Corresponding Author's information:
Full Name (with the title):
3. Copyright Transfer Agreement:
View the Copyright Transfer Agreement
Agree (I have read the copyright transfer agreement.)
4. Upload files:
(*.doc or *.tex file is required together with a *.pdf file of your paper.)
Please upload all the files related to your article one at a time,
but each file must be less than 8 MB and have no space in the file name.)
If the summary is prepared in LaTeX format, author can downloaded the LaTeX sample file.


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