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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS2007 in Prague, Czech Republic, 27-30 August, 2007

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PIERS2007 in Prague Arrival Guide

Ruzyne - Prague Airport is located on the northwest edge of Prague. All international flights arrive at this airport. To travel from the airport either to the PIERS venue or to the recommended hotels, you have a choice of either taking a taxi or to go by bus No 119. At the airport you will be able to exchange your own currency and also to buy tickets for Prague public transport. The local currency is the Czech Crown (CZK) and the exchange rate is approximately 1 USD = 21 CZK, or 1 EUR = 29 CZK.

The PIERS 2007 in Prague is being held in the campus of the Czech Technical University. Taxi can directly take you to the entry of the building of PIERS site. The taxi fare from the airport to the ESHO Annual Meeting venue is about 500 CZK, or 25 USD and the trip takes about 15 minutes.

The public transport from the airport is quite inexpensive and frequent. An adult ticket costs 20 CZK and it is valid for 75 minutes. To get to the PIERS venue take a bus No. 119 and alight at the terminus: “Dejvicka station”. The duration of the trip is about 25 minutes.

You can check the location on the .

More detailed information about Prague and/or public transport you can find:


                                                                          Contact PIERS OFFICE: piers@ewt.mit.edu and/or tpc@piers.org