Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium
  PIERS2007 in Beijing, CHINA, 26-30 March, 2007
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PIERS2007 Paper Submission
  • PIERS Online Submission for new submission, paper accepted on space available basis now...
  • Notice: Full paper submission for an existing abstract, please send to PIERS via EMAIL before December 7, 2006.
Paper Preparation:
Authors are invited
to submit one-page summary or full papers no more than 5 pages in English. The paper should explain clearly the content and relevance of the proposed technical contribution. Accepted full papers will be published in PIERS Online after the author is preregistered. A CD-ROM, instead of printed hard copies, will be attached to the printed Technical Program of PIERS 2007 in Beijing.
On a separate page list the following information: (1) Title of the paper, (2) Name, affiliation and email of each author, (3) Mailing address, (4) Telephone/Fax numbers
, (5) Corresponding author and presenting author, (6) Topic or Session Organizer, if applicable, (7) State if poster presentation is preferred.

Full Paper Samples:
Authors are recommended to use *.tex, *.doc, or *.pdf as the file format. The LaTeX file is preferred. A style file is prepared for the LaTeX users. A set of sample files using the style file are listed as follows.

Abstract-The abstract should summarize the approach and the article's major contributions, emphasizing the importance and significance of the results. The abstract should not contain literature citations, or allusions to the illustrations. Define all nonstandard symbols and abbreviations. Use running text only and avoid equations. Do not include tables, figures, and footnotes.

The main body of the article should start with an introductory paragraph, in which presents a brief review of past contributions relevant to this article with proper cited reference to be listed in the reference section at the end of the article. Equations, figures, tables and references should follow a sequential numerical scheme in order to ensure a logical development of subject matter.

Figures and Tables: Give each figure and table a separate concise caption. It begins with Figure or Table, followed by the appropriate Arabic numeral and period. The maximum width of figure or table may not exceed 17 cm. Make symbols, line thickness, and lettering in proper scale in relation to the overall figure size. For best publishing quality, we recommend the EPS format for figures.

Acknowledgements, if any, including all funding information, should be gathered into a brief statement at the end.

Paper Submission:
We strongly recommend you use On-Line-Submission to submit your paper or via email attachments.
Please view the copyright transfer agreement before paper submission.
The paper submission deadline is 7 September 2006, and pre-registration deadline is 7 November, 2006.

Paper Proofread and Revision:
You can login to proofread your papers after paper is accepted. If any revisions, please contact PIERS office via email by indicating the page and line numbers where the revisions should be made. You can send us your revised parts by email piers@ewt.mit.edu and/or tpc@piers.org, but do not send computer files of your whole revised article without indication.

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