Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

 2007 NSF Workshop on Metamaterials 

PIERS2007 in Beijing, CHINA, 26-30 March, 2007
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PIERS provides an international forum for reporting progress and recent advances in all aspects of electromagnetics. Spectra range from statics to RF, microwave, photonics, and beyond. Topics include radiation, propagation, diffraction, scattering, guidance, resonance, power, energy and force issues, and all applications and modern developments. Potential session organizers are welcome to propose specific technical topics by filling out the PIERS survey.

1 Electromagnetic theory
3 Spectra, time, and frequency domain techniques
5 Transmission lines and waveguide discontinuities
7 Antenna theory and radiation
9 RF and wireless communication, multipath
11 Power electronics, superconducting devices
13 Nano scale electromagnetics, MEMS
15 Precision airport landing systems, GPS
17 Microwave remote sensing and polarimetry, SAR
19 Active and passive remote sensing systems
21 Rough surface scattering and volume scattering
23 Scattering, diffraction, and inverse scattering
25 Optics and photonics, gyrotrons, THz technology
27 Medical electromagnetics, biological effects, MRI
29 Biological media, composite and random media
31 Constitutive relations and bianisotropic media
  2 Computational electromagnetics, hybrid methods
4 Fast iteration, large scale and parallel computation
6 Resonators, filters, interconnects, packaging, MMIC
8 Microstrip and printed antennas, phase array antennas
10 Mobile antennas, conformal and smart skin antennas
12 Systems and components, electromagnetic compatibility
14 Magnetic levitation, transportation and collision avoidance
16 Radar sounding of atmosphere, ionospheric propagation
18 Subsurface imaging and detection technology, GPR
20 Electromagnetic signal processing, wavelets, neural network
22 Remote sensing of the earth, ocean, and atmosphere
24 Microwave and millimeter wave circuits and devices, CAD
26 Quantum well devices, microwave photonic systems, PBG
28 Fiber optics, optical sensors, quantum computing
30 Plasmas, nonlinear media, fractal, chiral media, LHM
32 Moving media, relativity, field quantization, and others

Paper Guidelines:
Authors are invited to submit papers of 1-5 pages in English. The paper should explain clearly the content and relevance of the proposed technical contribution. Accepted papers will be published in PIERS Online after the author is preregistered. A CD-ROM, instead of printed hard copies, will be attached to the printed Technical Program of PIERS 2007 in Beijing. Please visit website for the latest PIERS online Sample files.
On a separate page list the following information: (1) Title of the paper, (2) Name, affiliation and email of each author, (3) Mailing address, (4) Telephone/Fax numbers, (5) Corresponding author and presenting author, (6) Topic or Session Organizer, if applicable, (7) State if poster presentation is preferred.
Paper Submission:
Please use On-Line-Submission to submit your paper or via email by attachments. Authors are recommended to use *.tex, *.doc, or *.pdf as the file format. If paper is in *.pdf format, please also submit the original figure files.
The paper submission deadline is 7 September 2006 and the author pre-registration deadline is 7 November 2006.


Each presenting author is limited to presenting no more than three papers in oral and poster sessions, and must preregister by paying a non-refundable fee of US$395 before 7 November 2006. For students with valid identification, the non-refundable pre-registration fee is US$195. Registration fee will be raised to $500 after 7 November 2006. Papers will be posted in their entirety on the web after the pre-registration is completed.

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