Transient on Transmission Lines Simulations

1. Matlab Scripts

Right click to download the following MATLAB Scripts:

In the matlab window, execute the script by typing

>> tline

The script will then generate a matlab movie, which demonstrates the transient on transmission lines with different loads, such as resistance, capacitance and inductor.

The script will automatically replay the movie after all computation is done. If you want to stop the movie, close the movie window directly.

You can also revise the matlab script yourself, change the resistance Zln, Zsn and the capacitance C and inductor LL values as your wish, and see the movie demonstrating the transient on transmission lines.

% Parameters for different loads
% Case 1: Zln>1 Zsn>1
% Case 2: Zln=Open Zsn=1
% Case 3: Zln=Short Zsn=1
% Case 4: Zln=1 Zsn=1
% Case 5: Zln=0 + C Zsn=1
% Case 6: Zln: Inductance only, Zsn=1
% Case 7: Square input: Zln=1 Zsn=1
% Case 8: Square input: Zln>1 Zsn=1
% Case 9: Square input: Zln<1 Zsn=1

2. Movies

Transmission Lines: Tline.avi (84Mb) Tline.mp4 (6Mb)

If you experience any problems with the scripts/images/movies, please let me know by sending an email to Suggestions for improvement would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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